Our Policies

Our Policies


Bookings & Cancellations Policy

Preparing for your appointment 

Please be ready 5 minutes before your appointment time. Although our doctors will do their best to meet you at your exact booking time, there may be cases in which our doctors are slightly delayed. If such a situation arises, we kindly request your patience. If, within 15 minutes of your designated time slot, you are unable to connect with our doctors, please reach out to us at hello.ph@easehealthcare.com

Missed appointments

In the event that you are absent from the call during your designated timeslot, we will attempt to reach out to you at the mobile number that you’ve provided us. If we are unable to reach you, we will consider the appointment to be a no-show, and we reserve the right to forfeit the consultation fee paid.

Cancelling or postponing your appointment

We understand that things do come up, but we would like to request that if you need to cancel or postpone an appointment, you let us know at least 6 hours in advance. You can do this by reaching out to us at customer.care@ease-healthcare.com, or calling our hotline. We will unfortunately be unable to provide any refunds for cancellations made less than 6 hours in advance of an appointment.

Cancelling medication purchases

Please note that once you have had your appointment and your prescription has been dispensed by the pharmacy, we will no longer be able to offer any refunds or cancellations due health and safety regulations. Therefore if you need to cancel your medication purchase, please let us know as early as possible.

Cancellations by doctor

In very rare instances, our doctors may have to attend to urgent matters and may therefore have to cancel or postpone your teleconsultation appointment. In such an event, a member of our customer service team will be in touch. You will not be charged for any cancelled appointments, and if you decide not to reschedule, a full refund will be issued to you.


Returns Policy

No returns or refunds

Due to the nature of our products, such as birth control medication, we are unfortunately unable to offer any returns or refunds, unless these products are faulty, wrongly described or different from what you had purchased.

This applies even if you experience side effects or react negatively to a particular type of birth control. This is why we recommend customers who are first-time users of birth control, or who wish to switch birth control brands, to purchase a one month’s supply until they are comfortable with their new birth control pills.

Sample collection

In order for our labs to provide accurate results for your STI tests, all self-collected samples will need to be collected, handled and stored in accordance with the instructions provided. This is because all samples will decay after some time, and this rate of decay depends on how they are handled and stored.

If for any reason, you are unsure about anything regarding sample collection, please reach out to us. If our labs are unable to process your samples because they have been improperly collected or handled, we can provide another set of tools, free of charge. However, this means you’ll have to repeat the sample collection process. Hence, it’s always better to try to get it right the first time if you can!


Shipping Policy

We deliver 7 days a week. Birth control pills and condoms take 1-3 working days to arrive in Metro Manila and 3-5 working days for the rest of the Philippines.

Please note that for safety and privacy reasons, only the patient or their authorized person can collect the medication package. Therefore, if you are not home, you will need to authorize someone to collect the package on your behalf. To do so, you can either call our hotline to let us know the details of the authorized person, or indicate their details in the “additional comments” section of the checkout page.

If have opted for our courier service and (a) you have provided us with an incorrect or incomplete address or (b) we are unable to contact you or your authorized recipient and there is no safe place to leave the package, we may be able to attempt redelivery. However, please note that additional charges may apply.

No cancellations or refunds are allowed for any packages that are misdelivered, delivered late, or not delivered due to an incorrect or incomplete address / contact details provided.

Risk Policy

Different forms of birth control have different effects on different people, and certain acts (or in some cases, the failure to act) can increase the risk of complications. These are some examples of risks associated with birth control. If you choose to purchase birth control without mitigating these risks or any risks that you are aware or have been made aware of, you agree that neither us, nor your doctor, shall be responsible for any issues arising therefrom.

Blood pressure

Birth control can have an effect on blood pressure, and certain pills can increase blood pressure in some women. This is more likely to occur if you’re overweight, have had high blood pressure during a previous pregnancy, have a family history of high blood pressure or mild kidney disease.

The combination of birth control pills and cigarette use may be especially dangerous for some women. A small percentage of patients may develop severe, even life-threatening hypertension and the hypertensive effects are felt long after the pills are discontinued.

This is why we ask for your blood pressure when you attempt to purchase of birth control pills from us, and is also why we strongly recommend that if you are unable to provide us a blood pressure reading (taken in the last 6 months), you do not proceed with your purchase until you have had your blood pressure checked. Knowing your blood pressure will allow us to recommend certain types of birth control pills that are more suitable for you. Not having this information would hinder our ability to work out what’s best. Measuring your blood pressure only takes a few minutes, and you can do so for FREE at any Guardian or Watsons pharmacy.

If you choose to purchase birth control without providing us with a blood pressure reading, you agree that we shall not be responsible for any issues arising from or associated with the lack of a blood pressure reading, including hypertension.


Smoking while on birth control restricts blood flow to the heart and constricts blood vessels, which may increase the risk of blood clots and also puts you at a higher risk of getting a stroke or heart attack. Hence, if you wish to take birth control, it is advisable that you reduce the average number of cigarettes you smoke a day to less than one.

If you choose to purchase birth control through us, you confirm that you understand the risks, and that, if you smoke, you will commit to reducing your smoking levels accordingly before taking any birth control. In addition, if you smoke and if you choose to purchase birth control through us, you agree that we shall not be responsible for any issues arising from or associated with smoking.

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