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Explore the most in-depth free contraception tracker & women’s health app on AppStore and Google Play with symptom tracking, contraception alerts, wellness tips, virtual medical care & community resources to empower you to take control of your body, health and wellness.

What's In Store

Contraception Tracking

Track a wide variety of contraceptive methods (hormonal and non-hormonal) such as birth control pills, patches, IUDs, implants & injections, to stay on top of your contraceptive use. Monitor your protection status, which changes according to your logs, and get notified when you’re at risk.

Symptom & Medication Tracking

Track symptoms such as discharge, nausea, spotting, and benefits of hormonal contraception such as regular cycles, lighter cramps and reduced acne. View trends and find patterns to get a better understanding of your body’s reaction to hormonal contraception. Log medication to check for any interactions with birth control, track emergency contraception use and create your own daily notes. The more you track the more accurate the insights and information you receive!


Speak with doctors online and access healthcare services and medication relating to sexual and reproductive health such as birth control, STI testing, emergency contraception, and more.

Action Plans, Insights & Reminders

Access 100+ personalized action plans for situations where you might need help (e.g. missed a pill, side effects) that guide you and provide solutions, such as connecting you with a health professional. Get on-demand support from our care team on your health or contraceptive method.

Receive daily tips & insights relating to your most recent logs to learn more about your sexual & reproductive health, and what you can do to manage changes in your body and health. Learn what causes certain side effects, what symptoms to watch out for, what treatments can help, and more!

Schedule and receive personalized reminders to help you keep track of your sexual, menstrual & reproductive health, including to: take your pill/patch on time, build positive habits, know when your birth control is running out, or when something caused a change to your protection status.

Community, Achievements & Reminders

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