pH Balanced Mist

pH Balanced Mist

Break the cycle of itching and discomfort

A pH balanced, clinically formulated, antibacterial mist to reduce itch, avoid discomfort or odour caused by sweat and bacteria, and to keep infections at bay.

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pH balanced gentle formula

A gentle mist infused with botanical extracts and formulated with pre & probiotics that can be sprayed directly on your underwear or on the external vulva area and provides:

Odor relief caused by sweat/ bacteria

Antibacterial protection

Itching and discomfort relief

Aid in

skin hydration


What is a pH balanced formulation?
Vulva care is an important part of women’s sexual and intimate health and using the right products can make a huge difference. Our pH Balanced Mist’s gentle formula is pH balanced and paraben free and helps to cleanse and refresh your vulva while maintaining your vulva’s natural pH value.

Better intimate care formulation

pH Balanced

Gentle Formula

Paraben Free


Ingredients that work to promote

Ease’s pH balanced mist can help to reduce odor caused by bacteria and refresh sensitive skin in the intimate area at your convenience. Formulated with pre and probiotics, it also helps to keep the vulvovaginal microbiome in balance.
Dr. Jody

Ease Medical Team

In a study conducted by Ease with 70+ women in Singapore


of women noticed an

caused by bacteria or sweat after using
the pH Balanced Mist

Women reported that the pH Balanced Mist
relieved odor caused
by sweat & bacteria for


of women reported that after using the
pH Balanced Mist
,they believed the product is

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Frequently Asked Questions

The pH Balanced Mist provides antibacterial protection, soothes the skin to avoid itchiness & discomfort and relieves odor caused by sweat and bacteria in the vulva area.

Spray the mist (1-2 pumps) on your underwear or the external vulva area.

No. While the pH Balanced Mist may provide antibacterial support to keep future infections at bay, it does not cure active infections. If you have an active infection such as a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis you’ll need to seek treatment which needs to be prescribed by a doctor. Our doctors at Ease can provide you with advice and treatment options which can be delivered to you within 4hrs.

The pH Balanced Mist is within the range of 3.8 to 4.5. This is the same range as the vulva’s natural pH level which means that the pH Balanced Mist’s formulation is pH balanced and does not disrupt the vulva’s natural pH level or the vulva’s microbiota.

Yes, the pH Balanced Mist is pH balanced and paraben free.


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Want to feature on our website or instagram? Tag us in your photos/reviews on instagram or social media using the hastag #easehealthcare and

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