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We partner with companies to provide female employees with convenient and affordable access to women’s health services.

The Problem

Accessing women's health services can be aninconvenient,expensive and uncomfortable experience. When it comes to supporting your employees, providing medical leave is just the beginning.


No Insurance

No top insurance provider has corporate health insurance plans offering comprehensive cover for women's health needs



14.3% of women surveyed said the inconvenience of taking time off work to visit a clinic deters them from seeking the help they need


No Support

41.5% of Singaporean women are unaware of contraceptive methods available and don’t know where to get reporductive health support


Costly Services

Health programs often exclude women's health services, despite the high costs, which 12.9% of women consider a barrier to access

The Solution

Ease is the first digital healthcare platform in Singapore providing access to high quality, specialized care for women's health needs from the comfort of your home.

Optimized User Journey

Average customer journey time of 14 minutes versus average of 68 minutes at polyclinics

24/7 Access

Book services any time through our online platform and avoid uncomfortable trips to the clinic

Stigma-Free Experience

Safe and comfortable experience with specialized doctors from the comfort and privacy of your home

Affordable Services

Flat fee of $15 for a consultation vs $30+ for a typical clinic GP visit and $100-200 for a gynae consult

Comprehensive Care at Your Fingertips

Ease has made it so convenient and affordable to access sensitive information and care related to women’s health… that is discreet & non-judgemental, allowing more people to look after their sexual and reproductive health more effectively.
Dr. Khoo Hoon Eng

Associate Professor, NUS School of Medicine

Access Specialised Care

Speaking with experienced doctors is very important when it comes to your health to ensure you get the right advice and support you need. We partner with local licensed doctors in Singapore who are experienced in women's health. This means that you will be able to access reliable advice from a Singapore physician who understands your needs and concerns.

Speak to a Pharmacist On-Demand

Your medication will be processed by local, qualified pharmacists in Singapore, who are ready to advise you on a range of matters relating to your medication including dosage, side effects, missed pills, among other questions you may have.
We’re here to support you, each step of the way. With our team of doctors, trained care professionals, pharmacists and specialised customer care team you’ll never need to worry again. We can help address any issues, answer any questions and provide guidance on your sexual and reproductive health journey.

Customer Support Lead, Ease Healthcare

Achieve Your Company Goals with Ease



Support for women's health attracts and retains talented female employees and talent that are looking for an inclusive workplace


Healthier Employees

On-demand, judgement-free virtual appointments encourage employees to manage their health and wellness effectively


Improved Efficiency

Virtual appointments helps employees avoid inconvenient and expensive trips to the clinic


Improved Productivity

Better health and wellness improves the overall wellbeing of employees, which in turn improves productivity

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Making you feel safe

We know how much it means for you to be able to access discreet, affordable care from the comfort of your home, and get the support you need when it comes to your health and wellness. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with quality healthcare at your fingertips, allowing you to access a range of women's healthcare services from the comfort of your home.

Guadalupe Lazaro

Co-founder, Ease

Get Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it is. All medication purchased through Ease are prescribed on the same rules and medical standards applied to your family physician. Our medical professionals will only prescribe medication when it is safe to do so based on the information you’ve provided us. We work with major retail pharmacies to dispense your medication, so you can be assured that your medication is dispatched from a reliable source.

“We are neither a pharmacy nor a clinic. Ease is a digital health platform that improves access to sexual and reproductive health services through the use of technology.

We work closely with licensed doctors, retail pharmacies and testing labs to ensure that the process of attending consultations, obtaining medication, and getting tested is as streamlined and convenient as possible.”

All our doctors on the Ease platform are Singapore Medical Council registered medical practitioners, and abide by Singapore Medical Council (SMC) Ethical Codes and Ethical Guidelines (ECEG) and take reference from the National Telemedicine Guidelines (NTG). Furthermore, all doctors on our platform have completed the Singapore Ministry of Health’s telemedicine e-learning course and are trained to deliver medical advice and prescribe treatments through telemedicine.

When you sign up for an appointment with us, or request a prescription, you will be given the details of the physician who will be attending to you.

We are currently only available in Singapore.

Your privacy and security is extremely important to us. We have therefore developed our platform with strict security protocols to protect your personal data and ensure that your information stays safe with us.

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