Tracking Menstrual Health Symptoms: Benefits, Period Trackers, And More

Tracking Menstrual Health Symptoms

Why should I track my menstrual cycle?

Tracking your menstrual health––specifically, your symptoms throughout your cycle––can have a range of benefits. In short, tracking your cycle involves a daily log of physical and psychological symptoms you notice throughout each cycle. For instance, you may notice physical symptoms––such as cramps, tender breasts, or bloating––at specific times, such as during or before your period. In the same way, you can also record changes in your mood and libido.

Here are three benefits of tracking your menstrual health symptoms:

  1. Understand your body’s unique patterns: You may experience certain symptoms at specific times throughout your cycle. Understanding your body’s unique patterns will allow you to be more in control of your menstrual health and notice if there are any abnormalities. 
  2. Track your overall health: Your menstrual cycle can give you useful insights into your overall health. For instance, unusually heavy, long, or irregular periods may indicate an underlying condition, such as endometriosis or PCOS.
  3. Manage recurring symptoms: Over time, you may notice that certain symptoms occur every cycle. For instance, you may experience more bloating leading up to your period. Tracking your cycle can help you be more well-prepared to manage any recurring symptoms.

Learn about your body

In essence, tracking your menstrual health symptoms can be a tool for monitoring your health and wellbeing. It can help you stay on top of ovulation days, keep tabs on potential health concerns, and provide insights on symptoms such as cramping, and changes in discharge or mood. Monitoring your cycle also helps you note any changes, like spotting throughout your cycle or an unusually long cycle, that can be red flags for larger health issues.

How to track your cycle with Ease?

The Ease app provides you with an all-in-one platform to track and understand your menstrual health. Simply record your bleeding patterns and symptoms you experience using the “Log” function in the toolbar. You can log a variety of physical and psychological symptoms, such as changes in bleeding volume, vaginal discharge, mood, digestion, cramping, and much more.

Just log your symptoms, and we’ll do the rest: take a look at your custom insights, tailored just for you as well as predicted period patterns. Here, we’ll provide you with more information on any symptoms you experience, and ways to manage them. We will also let you know when your next period is due and when your ovulation days will take place so that you can keep track of them.

With Ease, you can also comprehensively track your current method of birth control. Besides tracking your symptoms, you can use Ease to monitor your intake so that you never miss a dose or refill. Best of all, you can order birth control pill refills, get your questions answered by female doctors about your contraceptive journey or menstrual health, and receive prescriptions to your doorstep––all through the app.

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