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5 Condom Mistakes You Should Avoid
Used correctly, male condoms can be up to 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. In order to maximize...
by Ease Editorial Team
What Is Considered a Healthy Vaginal pH And How To Prevent A pH Imbalance?
Vaginal pH refers to the unique pH value of the vaginal environment. A healthy vaginal pH level will...
by Ease Editorial Team
What The Texture, Colour And Smell Of Your Vaginal Discharge May Be Telling You
What is vaginal discharge?Vaginal discharge is an umbrella term referring to non-menstrual fluids that...
by Ease Editorial Team
How Do I Know If I Have An STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection)?
What is an STI?Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are infections that are transmitted between partners...
by Ease Editorial Team
3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Cranberry Juice For UTI Prevention
If you’ve ever experienced urinary tract issues, chances are you’ve heard about the health benefits of...
by Ease Editorial Team

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