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Can birth control reduce acne?
Birth control can do far more than just prevent pregnancy!The short answer: Yes!Hormonal birth control...
by Ease Editorial Team
Birth control pillsBirth control pills are a type of hormonal birth control. There are two types of birth...
by Ease Editorial Team
Birth Control Patch vs Pill: Which One Should You Choose?
The patchAs its name suggests, the birth control patch is a small bandage that you can place on your...
by Ease Editorial Team
Can Birth Control Pills Help With PCOS Symptoms?
Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder thought to be caused by an excess of androgens....
by Ease Editorial Team
Spotting While On Birth Control: What Does Light Bleeding In Between Periods Mean?
Spotting, also known as breakthrough bleeding, refers to unexpected, usually light bleeding which if...
by Ease Editorial Team

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