How It Works

How it works

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You Tell Us

Fill in our health questionnaire and schedule an appointment with one of our doctors. This includes questions typically asked in a physical consult, which gives our doctors the necessary background information to address your needs. You can then choose an appointment slot that suits you which means no more queues or waiting times!

We Review

Our doctors will review your questionnaire responses in order to adjust your appointment to fit your needs and discuss any important topics relating to your health history or preferences. Having your information on hand also helps them head straight into the important bits and make sure that any medication purchased is suitable for you.

We Deliver

Once your appointment is over and your prescription is issued, we will dispense, pack and deliver your medication to you in discreet packaging in as little as 4 hours. Need a birth control refill? Use our renewal form to get your next batch delivered to you. We deliver 7 days a week, rain or shine, to make sure you get the healthcare you need on time.

We Support

We are dedicated to supporting you throughout your healthcare journey. That's why even after your appointment is over and you've received your medication, you'll still be able to access round the clock support from our dedicated care team, who can assist you on a range of topics and if necessary, refer you to a medical professional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When used perfectly, the pill is 99% effective. This is much higher than condoms and other forms of birth control. The more regularly you take your pills, the more effective they will be. However, because many people don’t use the pill perfectly (e.g. missing their pill), it can end up being around 91% effective. This is why we strongly recommend that you do your best to use to take your pill consistently, and in the manner prescribed by your medical provider.

If you’re unsure what type of birth control may work best for you, our doctors will be able to help. You can book a teleconsultation with one of our doctors to discuss different birth control options, and find what works best for you according to your health history and preferences.

Yes. There are many different kinds of birth control pills (with different doses of hormones). Depending on your medical history, some pills may be more suitable for you than others.

1. If you have used birth control before, you can fill in our online health questionnaire and attend a short check-in appointment with a doctor. If you’re a first-time birth control pill user, you will need to sign up for a longer teleconsultation with one of our physicians that costs $20 to discuss birth control options in greater detail.

2. Our doctor will review your questionnaire responses and issue a prescription (if appropriate).

3. We deliver your birth control to your doorstep in discreet, unbranded packaging.

4. Once your supply runs out, simply submit a short renewal form to get a refill here.

Ease delivers medication 7 days a week including weekends and public holidays. We offer two delivery options in Singapore:

– Standard delivery (1-3 working days). Your package will be delivered to your doorstep.

– Express delivery (4 hours from your doctor’s appointment for purchases made before 5pm). Purchases made after 5pm will be delivered by 12pm the next day. Your package will be delivered to your doorstep. (For example if you order at 2pm and your doctor’s appointment is at 3pm your package will arrive by 7pm. If you order at 9pm and your doctor’s appointment is at 11pm your package will arrive by 12pm the next day).

If you would like to provide additional information or special notes for the delivery driver, you may indicate them on the checkout page.

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